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I'm here to create a unique design, 
made with love and passion to make your dreams come true

Ilse Philips, located at Zoetermeer (the Netherlands) designs exciting, luxurious and unique hand woven textile art. The philosophy behind her textile art is that there is a minimal waste of yarns.
With a passion for color she uses all kind of materials to create bold, sparkling and dreamy artwork.

She is a skilled weaver, makes her own Dorset buttons and knows how to weave Passementerie. She combines artisanal textile techniques to design wall art, (foot)plaids and home accessoires that fits perfect in each interior.


Interested in a workshop or collaboration with a passionate & daring textile designer?

Besides my own work I also work on assignment. I can help you create the ultimate artwork for your company or home.

Do you want to feature my artwork in your magazine, museum, gallery or company?

Just email me and we can have a chat about your wishes.

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