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Butterfly - Table art

Butterfly - Table art

Handwoven table art BUTTERFLY is a colorful design, handwoven in the passementerie-technique. 


BUTTERFLY is a bright and colourful table art which is woven with different kind of yarns as cottolin, cotton, art-yarn and is combined with paracord, shoelaces, beads and gold-colored metal rings. Color is a recurring element in the design of my passementerie series. Passement is the art of weaving decorative ribbons. A lost technique that I have revived, but in an enlarged and modern format.

To protect your table, the back of the Butterfly table art is lined with felt.
Butterfly is a unique and one-time woven piece of art.

On my Instagram account you can find more handwoven art.

  • Dimensions (cm)

    30×47/80 cm

  • Material

    Cotton, cottolin, paracord, linnen, art-yarn, shoelaces, beads, gold-colored metal rings

  • Colors

    Yellow, white, blue, pink, salmon, multi-colored

  • Design year


  • Limited edition


  • Shipping

    Free shipping

  • EAN


€ 150,00Price
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